The Global Expansion(GE) department

The Global Expansion (GE) department is currently home to about 80 people. GE’s purpose is to expand to non-English speaking markets and is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing departments in the company in terms of people and revenue. The head of the department is a VP and reports directly to the CEO.

More than 30% of GE team consists of a diverse team of foreigners, hailing from 10 different countries all across the world. Similarly, the vast majority of our Chinese colleagues speaks three or more languages and has experience studying, living or working abroad. In GE you can find philosophers, anthropologists, mechanical engineers, graffiti artists, aeronautical engineers, and much more, creating an extremely varied, challenging and interesting atmosphere in which you can learn something new every day.

Teams are divided by language. Each language team is responsible for its own website functions, such as search engine marketing, customer service, content editing, and social marketing. Each language team has at least one native speaker and is led by a Team Leader.

Join us in realizing our mission statement: “Making the first online shopping destination in all non-English speaking markets”.

Job Descriptions

At we value attitude, potential, and personal qualities over previous experience. Most of our staff learned everything their job through working here and they are now extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise. W are always looking for the right people with the right qualities to help grow our company. We believe that if you have a positive answer for the following questions, there is a good chance that you are the person we are looking for:

1.The Analyst

Do you love working with numbers, tables and statistics? Do you have a degree in engineering, mathematics or statistics and are very passionate about it? Are you fascinated by the fact that any sequence of numbers can be found in the decimals of Pi? Do you like looking at nice graphical representations of data, regardless of what the data are?

  • Position: Online Marketing Associate


    • Develop and complete the search engine channel marketing plans and goals for the language website, mainly consisting of management of Google AdWords campaigns;
    • Respond and optimize according to the various KPIs: ROI, conversions, traffic, sales;
    • Expand advertising on specific categories according to market feedback and advertising performance;
    • Keep up to date about the latest SEM techniques and industry trends.

    2.The Social Geek

      Do you have a blog? Do you keep up to date with the latest tech and gadget trends? Are you an opinion leader and do your posts or tweets often get reposted or retweeted because of your original content? Have you ever changed the Google interface to Klingon language?

      • Position: Social Media Associate


        • Management of language facebook pages, from selecting, curating and posting content to interaction with fans;
        • Blog and BBS marketing: communication with blogs and other niche websites to enable various types of cooperation such as reviews of our products, sponsored posts, etc;
        • Communication and followup with other bloggers or opinion leaders to create partnerships such as endorsement videos;
        • Research in the latest social and web 2.0 trends, pushing to be cutting edge on the social web landscape.

        3.The Online Entrepreneur

        Have you ever sold anything on ebay, or online through any other website? Have you ever seen a product in a shop and thought “hey, I could sell this for twice the price”? Have you ever thought about making money online?

        • Position: Business Development Associate


          • Explore possibilities for other promotion channels apart from Google AdWords, contact and establish relationships with 3rd parties in order to include them in our marketing strategy;
          • Develop and follow affiliate marketing plans for the language website;
          • Respond and optimize according to the various KPIs: ROI, conversions, traffic, sales;
          • Expand advertising on specific categories according to market feedback and advertising performance;

          4.The Special YOU

          Are you passionate about anything at all? You don’t think you fit any of the above descriptions but you still think that you want and deserve a chance in Shows us what you’ve got, tell us why you are different, convince us that we need you. We will assess your profile and find a suitable position for you!